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5 Things to Do When Bored

I'm gonna do the intro thingy like a professional: Hey guys, it's Gosha here, and welcome back to another post!!! See? Soooo professional. Anyways guys, listen. Today I was mindin' my own business, just chillin'. And then this¬†happened: I GOT BORED!!!!!!!!! I'm not lying, this is the true-est story I've ever told. I honestly had… Continue reading 5 Things to Do When Bored


Wrigley the Great

Hello! So Wrigley was supposed to post on the 28th but that never happened due to certain complications. Wrigley (named after Wrigley Field) my puppy had to be put out of his misery. This post will not be written by him, but by his owner. Wrigley was a rescue. I had him for 8 years.… Continue reading Wrigley the Great


A Foolproof way to get food

This is probably the most important thing I've ever written. Yes, even more, important than writing angry amazon reviews. Rachel (my pet human): *coughs* I think you should introduce yourself *cough* Me: Everyone knows me. I'm famous *flips hair* Rachel: Right... I think you should still introduce just in case. Me:¬†Fine... How should I introduce… Continue reading A Foolproof way to get food