It’s a Press: Reporters Needed!

         Hello, all my four-legged friends out there! A thought occurred to me the other day – a thought along the lines of this: This is called Pawsome Press, right? So, it’s like a newspaper. A newspaper needs reporters and editors, and I’m both but just one dog. Well, I don’t think that that can do at all, right?

        I think that you might know where this is heading…and if so, then I congratulate you! Because The Pawsome Press is recruiting new reporters!

      All you have to do is to post on this blog at least once every month. I will require though that you are active on this blog – I don’t want somebody posting once and then never posting again. Please make sure that you can commit! 

      If you would like to become a reporter, then sign up in the form below! The form will not show on your reader 🙂

      Thank you so much for reading this quick post, and please don’t forget to sign! 😀

TPP Signoff


23 thoughts on “It’s a Press: Reporters Needed!

  1. Wrigley~ I signed up! I am really excited to do this. I love when Sam does photoshoots of me! I really love whe-
    Maggie~ I am super super super super excited cause I signed up too! YAYYYYY! I think I’m going to go find Ssm now to thank her for this!
    Wrigley~ Anyway, I really love when Sam does outside photoshoots or me!!! Oh, and sorry about my little sister. Maghie tends to get a tad over excited sometimes…

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